Follow Gareth Utton on his Half Iron Man 70.3 journey. They say procrastination is just the mind delaying a task or feat that you are nervous or anxious to confront. That has certainly been the case when it comes down to one of my bucket list ideas, tackling the Half Iron Man 70.3. This is something that I have wanted to compete in and attempt to finish for the last 3 years when a month before my 30th birthday the idea to enter this race blossomed. Needless to say, I am now 33 years old and have finally taken the plunge and entered the Durban leg of the Half Iron Man 70.3 series taking place on 2nd June 2019. So now, a number of questions come to mind. Where to from here? How do I even begin training for such an event? And why on earth am I actually doing this? I think the ‘WHY’ is the most important of these questions because as I figured this out the rest just fell into place. Once I identified my ‘WHY’, the motivation to begin training and putting in the needed hours was a natural follow on. So why am I taking part in this event, why am I putting my body through hours of gruelling training to take part in a triathlon. Of course, this is something I would like to tick off of my bucket list but I believe there is so much more to it. There is something about being able to push yourself harder and further than you ever thought possible. Pushing those limits in life, whether it be physically or mentally helps you grow as a person. And having goals in place, like training towards a triathlon, keeps you accountable and motivated to keep going. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t worry about being the best, instead, worry about being the best at getting better. And that’s what this is all about, it’s about me bettering myself. A means for me to push my limits to better myself and to grow as a person. I truly believe that this is applicable to all areas of life, whether it be training for an event, academics or a career path, ‘be the best at getting better’. Strive to better yourself in whatever aspect of your life and that way you will further yourself and reach your goals. I must confess that there is an added motivation for me doing this, something quite tangible to keep me accountable and motivated and that’s an outreach charity I have been involved in for the last 10 years known as Lesedi Outreach. It’s a great cause and an amazing project where we are really changing the way kids learn providing them with a person’s most valued asset, education. The idea is to raise funds to cover the licences for an online program used to assist the learners with their English. A really valuable tool that has already done so much for each child in attendance. After all this, if I can get just one learner at our outreach to ‘be the best at bettering themselves’, I’ll leave a happy athlete. So follow along with me as I take this journey to train for and compete in Iron Man 70.3 and lets see what lessons I learn along the way and how this will help me grow as a person. Here’s to striving to be the best at bettering ourselves. Gareth Utton Any donation towards our goal of R35 000 will be much appreciated. Donate now. Follow my progress on Instagram: #1st.time.tri