In the second term of this year, our grade 5 class did a crash course in town planning. To start off, they brain stormed all the buildings and places that were essential for a complete city.

Teacher Jackie kept track by writing all the words on the white board. As you can see from the vocabulary list, our students are very service and transport orientated, but at the same time aware of pollution.

Having discussed grids and layouts of roads, the class drew 2 d plans of their particular part of the town.

After finishing the 2d planning, they went on to create 3d geometric shapes, decorating them to show the doors, windows, roofs and occupants (please take note of the soccer player on the stadium near the church in the picture at the top of this post.)

These children were so excited to share their work every time I popped in to take new photos. They learned how to create three dimensional shapes, how to plan using a grid, which helps you keep everything in proportion. They also learned what was needed for a functioning community, apart from houses – Water treatment, fire services, police services and public transport.

Thank you to the grade 5 team who made this amazing project possible. This project will be one of those on view at the open day for parents. They will also be assessed by our guest education experts.