A little background:

  • We follow the Public school’s calendar, during which we meet every Saturday from 8:30 till 12:30.
  • Lesedi is run from the premises of HeronBridge College which is situated on the R114 towards Diepsloot.
  • We currently have 165  kids from Gr 4 to 11 and a team of 33  amazing and extremely dedicated Volunteers.
  • The kids are divided into their respective Grades, except Grade 10 and 11’s.
  • The Volunteers are also divided into these teams and assist on a rotation basis, as they are available.
  • Volunteers can choose in which age group they would be comfortable to assist.
  • Our program includes Lab on Line which is an online Reading Development program for the kids from Gr 6 to 11.
  • Gr 4 and 5  kids are registered on the Reading Eggs program, which is also an online program.
  • With the limited time we have, we do not teach subject content but have implemented a Project Based Learning approach, which incorporates relevant skills as outlined in CAPS document. Please have a look at:

www.bie.org/object/video/project based learning explained