In the past two weeks our grade 4 and 5 class has been learning about Levers, and then Gears and Axles. By using Lego Education kits they get a hands on knowledge of how they work and why they are a necessary component to simple and complex machines.

Have a look at some of our proud creators with their cars and levered constructions:

One of the essential elements of this kind of work is that they collaborate to create the car or levered machine. Cooperation requires articulation and thinking out loud which benefits their literacy and thinking processes. By using manipulatives like Lego, we make the learning fun and give our students a real understanding of how things work.

There is never a failure in this kind of class. If the gears don’t work, or wheels don’t spin, then there is always a chance to rework the construction and try something new. The number of new versions is only limited by the time in the class and the ingenuity of the children, and as you can see, no two constructions look the same.