Ntando Sama – a Lesedi Saturday School Success story

Thoko, a Volunteer at Lesedi home schooled Ntando from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

Home schooling became increasingly difficult for her, Thoko needed to ensure an income for her family and needed to start working full time, leaving her less time to homeschool Ntando, as a consequence Ntando starting falling behind.

At Tsoko’s request Ntando joined Lesedi in 2015.  From the very beginning Ntando was fully committed and never missed a Saturday. In the last 4 years she immersed herself in all the activities we provided at Lesedi saturday school.

Our computer based Lab-On-Line Reading Development programme helped Ntando to become fully computer literate and improved her reading speed exponentially, from 20 words per minute in 2015 with limited comprehension to 275 words per minute with a 90% comprehension score in 2018!

Ntando’s stellar performance and commitment, provided her with an opportunity to join HereonBridge at Gr 7 level. HeronBridge College awarded her a bursary to complete her final year of primary school, where is blossoming!

Ntando has fully integrated in her classes, easily made new friends, and is still just as passionate about learning!