The annual exhibition of learner-produced projects showcases the exceptional results of Lesedi’s project-based methodology. Each project has a clear academic process of thinking skills at its core, but the application is fun.

Project creation is all about the journey of learning that learners go through. We see a consistent improvement in the quality of projects that are produced year on year. Many of the projects showcased in 2019 effectively improved the learners’ mathematical skills. The process of creating and practically incorporating what they learn, impacts their formal school and social experiences positively.  The learners are enthusiastic about what they learn. One student said, “Before I joined Lesedi I did not understand mathematics, but now I have won an award”, another one said, “At my school, I always help other learners. My teacher always asks me to lead because I understand more”.

This speaks to the core of what we do at Lesedi.  The children learn more than in-depth subject knowledge. They learn how to love their subjects. As one learner said, “Unlike before, maths is in my spirit, in my heart and soul… I just love maths”.

These children appreciate the collaborative nature of learning at Lesedi. They do not only collaborate with other learners but also with the volunteers, who become partners in their learning, and as a result learning becomes more meaningful.

The Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation 

We were absolutely thrilled that ex-president Kgalema Motlanthe and Mrs Motlanthe showed their support for Lesedi Outreach by attending our 2019 Expo.


Lesedi’s footprint is getting bigger. We are proud that our methodology resonated with Steyncity School, who attended the 2019 Expo and announced that they will be hosting a second Lesedi Saturday on the Steyncity school campus from February 2020. Lesedi Learning Transformed.