Picture this, a quiet empty school on a Saturday comes alive when  classrooms are set up, juice is made, sandwiches are prepared, computers are logged onto and many volunteers put their heads and hearts together ready to teach. All this in preparation for a bus load of children arriving from surrounding areas ready to learn.

Many of the students who attend Lesedi Saturday school come from and face adverse situations, be it their home lives, poverty, financial struggles or poor schooling. Our aim is to create an environment that is safe and nurturing while encouraging learning and deeper thinking.

Our lessons are interactive, take a hands on approach, use a variety of learning materials and are designed to encourage the learner to ask questions, engage in different learning styles and be bold in their thinking. We learn in creativity and imagination.

We use a project based learning approach which allows the learner to become an investigator and the teacher, a facilitator.  This approach allows for anyone to volunteer their time, you don’t have to be a teacher to make a difference  in a child’s life and education.

We are passionate about our learners and hope to have a lasting impact on each child we encounter. We are quickly learning that Lesedi is part of something much bigger than a Saturday morning. Our learners are gaining experience in serving one another and their broader communities, learning life skills and lessons, understanding the value of education and striving to better themselves and their families.