The children made A2 posters illustrating examples of different parts of speech. This project helped them have a thorough understanding of different types of nouns and verbs and the practical application thereof.

Geodesic domes

The children used skewers to build different size geodesic domes. They learnt that a geodesic dome is a system of triangular forms linked together to enclose a space. The children were exposed to interesting concepts in engineering, math and environmental science. The children learnt an innovative solution to the ongoing challenge of creating structures—how to maximise space while creating a strong and cost-effective structure. They also learnt about famous geo-domes throughout the world.

PowerPoint/Creative writing

The children were provided with various articles which they read, They were then asked to research the topic of the article. The topics varied from World Cup Russia, artificial intelligence and climate change. They used PowerPoint to prepare slides which they presented to the class. This exercise taught the children how to research topics and also the computer skills required to use PowerPoint. They also built up their public speaking confidence when they were asked to present their slideshows to their peers.

The Power of Power

The children learnt the difference between power generated from a battery, to that of mains electricity and compared them to solar power. They were able to do most of the connections themselves (with some assistance required by the volunteer teachers) and created various lights. They built structures which demonstrated the various forms of power: a house, lighting in a soccer stadium, and a fan in a greenhouse.


The children gained an understanding of the concept of photosynthesis and illustrated the principle with real plants exposed to sun and water versus their control plants which were not exposed to either. To make this more fun, some of the children created a greenhouse with lights and fans, building on the knowledge acquired in their power lessons.