Building a business

The project was chosen as the process of developing a business plan and building a business covers a wide variety of school subjects and provide skills that can be used throughout the learners’ lives.

We called the project Lesedi Uber Motorsports – a name voted on from a list created from learner suggestions. We had a graphic designer create a logo using a picture of a car one of the children drew on the classroom whiteboard and captured in a cell phone photo.

Three teams of learners were created. It was paramount that each team member worked well in collaboration with their team mates and that they leveraged each others strengths.

During the course of the project, each aspect of the business plan was taught in depth to ensure the learners had a sound understanding of that step in the process.

Once the theory had been worked through, it has applied in manufacturing a wire car with electronic circuits.

Applying their minds to understand, in real terms, the various aspects that impact business was a valuable experience.

This was proven by the well-made cars, informative PowerPoint presentation, and keen interest from visitors at the Expo.

The learners skillfully explained the process of creating their businesses to members of the public, parents and peers and it was really rewarding to see how energised they were by the experience.