67 minutes for Mandela

What do you do with 67 minutes? For many people in South Africa, it is the time it might take to fetch the daily water from a communal water point, or the time taken to walk to school, or the extra minutes to your morning because you have to take several taxis to work. For [...]

July 19th, 2017|programme|

Lego cars propelled by balloons

There are a lot of learning points in creating Balloon-propelled cars out of Lego. We learned about weight distribution, friction and the amount of energy needed to move an object. But we also learned to take turns, to realise that bad results are just a springboard to fixing the problem and trying again.

May 11th, 2016|programme|

First students

Lesedi Saturday School was founded in 2010, and took a couple of years to gain momentum. Here are some of our students from 2012. They are all grown up now. Some of them are seniors, some have matriculated and some have moved elsewhere.

April 16th, 2012|programme|