Our goal at Lesedi is not only to augment learners’ rote learning experience so they get a better Grade 12 pass. We want them to obtain a higher level of Grade 12 pass. More importantly, we wish to make an impact on the way they see themselves and the belief they have in themselves; that they are causative beings and can learn and improve the narrative of their futures. Youth unemployment in South Africa is incredibly high and the current school system of rote learning does not even begin to equip them for the modern world of work. The low level of the required pass rate of 35% to 40% for the Grade 12 year tells you that the graduating learners are generally not equipped for future learning nor for any form of work.

That is why we at Lesedi truly believe that to make a difference in the lives of our learners we start with life on life connection, through an innovative approach to learning, in order to transform the life of each Lesedi learner. That means it is not just about Saturday, but about the whole life of the learner. It is about love, nutrition, pastoral care, every day needs from personal to hygiene, and even engaging on a social and emotional level.