Do you want to help us transform the learning environment for underpriviledged children. Lesedi is a non-profit organisation (NPO) and we rely on donations of all kinds, from money to time and expertise.

Volunteer duties

  • No teaching experience required
  • Training  and orientation are provided at the beginning of the year
  • You can volunteer any number of Saturdays, to suit your program
  • 170 registered learners for 2019, from Grade 4 to Grade 11
  • Volunteers choose in which grade they want to assist
  • Program involves Project based learning, incorporating the relevant CAPS skills, as well as Lab-on-line Reading development (each learner needs to complete a 45-minute lesson per week under supervision)
  • Organised timetable is provided every week
  • Saturday School starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 12:30.
  • We are flexible and will accommodate personal time requirements of Volunteers

We currently have 35 committed team members and would love to welcome you to our team.

We provide a muffin and coffee/tea before Schools starts on Saturdays.

Interested to volunteer? Fill in the form below to get started.  Or To discuss volunteer opportunities with our management team. Please come by to find out about Lesedi or to sign up as a Volunteer.

Role of the Volunteers

Volunteers can choose the grade in which they wish to serve. No teaching qualification is required as Volunteers facilitate learning through our Project Based learning approach.

The rest of the team assist in the capacity that they feel comfortable with, i.e. assisting with the projects, illustrating relevant concepts and applying their knowledge and skills.

Volunteers also supervise the Learners, while they are doing their Lab on Line Reading Development Program etc.

Assisting with library duties (we have a Library with 1000 collected books) Learners love taking out books!

Volunteers often suggest exciting ideas for new projects.  We encourage their involvement in providing leadership.

We connect every Saturday morning over a warm cup of coffee and a muffin, discussing the program for the day, which is provided.

International Volunteers

We welcome international volunteers who would like to come to South Africa for the opportunity to make a life-changing difference to an underprivileged child.

As this is a paid-for volunteer programme, the funds raised help tremendously to keep Lesedi Outreach running.

If you will be travelling from abroad, please indicate this on the form provided.

Our Volunteer Team is a closely connected group, sharing in the joys and challenges of the Lesedi children.

Please view our 2017 Video in our Gallery to see how all the hard work and challenges paid off in the end!

We follow the South African Public Schools calendar and are closed for the school holidays.

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  • You accept that we may store and use your personal details in order to send further information on products, services and/or promotions.
  • You accept that Lesedi may share your personal information with authorised third-party agents so that they can send you offers and promotional material. (Our third-party agents are bound by strict Rules of Confidentiality.)